We work with businesses and lawyers all around the world. Many of our clients are multinational, based overseas or have international business interests.

We do not have exclusive relationships with law firms in other jurisdictions, enabling us to select or recommend appropriate partner firms depending on the nature of the project, case or transaction.

We attach great importance to developing and maintaining our international relationships, through a structured programme involving a strategy for each jurisdiction. We keep relationships under constant review to ensure we can find the best fit for our clients in every case.

Our partner firms may vary in size and price, but we only maintain relationships with firms providing high service levels and value for money. Just as important is a shared commonality of purpose – we expect our partner firms to provide you with the same pragmatic and clear business-led advice that we provide for you here in the UK.

We believe our non-exclusive strategy is better for clients than using a firm with its own international network:

  • Using a single firm with its own international offices exposes clients to the weaknesses of underdeveloped or underperforming offices in the network, or offices staffed by lawyers who are not equipped to deal with the matter in hand
  • Service levels and value for money in a multinational practice can suffer due to the lack of competitive tension and accountability for inter-office referrals
  • The perceived advantages of a multinational firm, of greater integration and harmonisation (of documentation, training and ethos) are often illusory and our regular cooperation with various law firms in other jurisdictions have enabled us to develop efficient and coordinated working practices with lawyers in key jurisdictions
  • We can replicate the advantage for the client of dealing with a single firm on a cross-border project by providing a single engagement letter and a composite price quote for projects involving multiple firms


Stevens & Bolton LLP is a member of British Expertise, an independent not for profit organisation which provides opportunities for networking with key British and international contacts.

Our International Newsbrief, a publication specifically targeted at lawyers and other business professionals outside the jurisdiction, contains reports and commentary on a selection of recent topical developments in England and Wales. We also include some news of recent developments at Stevens & Bolton LLP.

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