We have a passion for all things aviation, from aircraft to airports to the software that drives mobile telecommunications. We understand that aviation is a diverse market but that, fundamentally, it is bound together by a common drive and enthusiasm to push aviation forward and to maintain the highest standards of accuracy and service.

Our team has many years of experience in the aviation sector, providing all forms of legal services for aviation business, including:

  • Airlines
  • Aircraft owners, operators and lessors, both commercial and corporate jet, as well as turboprop and helicopters
  • Air Charter Brokers
  • Airports and the businesses that feed into them such as ground handling companies, logistics and customer service companies and other suppliers
  • Cargo carriers, freight forwarding and logistics companies
  • Parts suppliers and maintenance organisations
  • Other suppliers, including companies providing specialist software, construction and other services

Our passion for aviation drives a genuine interest in your business. We consider it imperative to understand in depth how the business works to enable us to help shape and achieve strong commercial objectives. This has led to members of our team being appointed as outsourced in-house counsel to substantial aviation clients.

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