New data protection fees

New data protection fees

Although the registration process will be dispensed with under GDPR, the ICO has confirmed that data controllers will still be subject to fees next year, once the GDPR starts to apply.

Under the existing law, controllers must (unless exempt) register with the ICO and also pay an annual fee of £35 or £500 depending on their size and turnover. The GDPR will put an end to the registration requirement (and therefore, the ICO's revenue stream from registrations), so it was suspected that the ICO would seek alternative means of funding.

The fee will be brought in under the Digital Economy Act. It is not yet known how it will be calculated, but it is expected to be dependent upon size, turnover and the amount of personal data being processed. The new fee regime will start from 1 April 2018 and more information will follow later this year and is likely to be in a three tier process.

For more information see the ICO blog.

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