Oil and Gas applications - change in notification requirements

From Monday 13 January 2014, if land is going to be used solely for underground operations, an applicant for planning permission for development that consists of the winning and working or oil or natural gas, including exploratory drilling, will no longer need to serve notice of the application on individual owners or tenants of the land to which the application relates.  This change will be welcomed by operators. The government considers that, due to the different character of underground workings (in particular the exploration of shale gas), it is not reasonable or practicable to require applicants for planning permission for underground oil or natural development to notify individual owners or tenants of land across a such widely drawn area.

The relevant legislation is the Town and County Planning (Development Management Procedure and Section 62A Applications) (England) (Amendment No. 2) Order 2013 (SI 2013/3194), which amends parts of the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2010 (SI 2010/2184).

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