Social media: what are your employees publishing?

Social media: what are your employees publishing?

Social media may be a useful business tool, but at times the line between the public and private is far from clear, especially in relation to an employee’s postings on social media.

Whilst employers can and should set a clear robust policy for employee use of social media, they must also strike a balance between the employees’ right to freedom of expression and the employer’s need to reduce the risks involved with social media postings.

Internet trolls are just one example of when people may post something on social media which they would not necessarily say to someone’s face. There is always the risk that employees may post content which they would never otherwise share in the workplace, potentially leading to the risk of causing offence to others in the office and the potential for reputational damage to the employer.

Employment Partner Kerry Garcia and paralegal Kate Fellows-Tully look at what powers employers have to control what their employees post on social media, in an article featured on Changeboard website today.

To read a copy of the article in full, please click here.

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