UK data protection reform

UK data protection reform

The rise of the online divorce

The government launched a wide-ranging consultation on proposed changes to the UK’s data landscape.

The government hopes these changes will assist in creating a “new world-leading data regime” to usher in a “golden age of growth and innovation” across the UK. Not all the proposals have been well received given they may make the UK susceptible to not have being listed as having appropriate safeguards for the EU GDPR.

The proposed changes include the implementation of a new governance model for the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the broadening of the ICO’s remit as a regulatory authority, and the removal of unnecessary barriers to responsible data use.

The proposals will build on the key elements of the current UK data protection regime with the intention of increasing regulatory certainty and solidifying data protection standards. 

Responses to the consultation have been collated and we are expecting a report and analysis in the near future. For more detail, click here for the government’s publication.

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