Environmental law expert co-writes new Environmental Law Handbook

Stevens & Bolton LLP's environmental law expert, Valerie Fogleman, has co-written the 7th edition of the Law Society's Environmental Law Handbook. Valerie is one of the three authors to write this trusted and well respected handbook for the Society; having also previously contributed to the 6th edition. The 7th edition was published on 23 December 2010.

The handbook provides an accessible and concise guide to the effect of environmental law on property, financial and business transactions. It includes new chapters on climate change, environmental damage, insolvency and planning and development, along with practical advice on how to identify risks and mitigate environmental liabilities and analysis of the impact of recent legislation.

Further information about the handbook can be found on the Law Society's bookshop website: http://www.lawsocietyshop.org.uk/ecom_lawsoc/public/saleproduct.jsf?catalogueCode=9781853288197

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