International News in brief - A Summer Update

International News in brief - A Summer Update

In our Spring 2017 edition of International Newsbrief, we promised an early-summer update on all things English law. Introducing International Newsinbrief - an early summer update containing reports and commentary on a selection of recent topical developments in England and Wales and is specifically targeted at lawyers and other business professionals outside the jurisdiction.

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  1. Important changes to the People with Significant Control (PSC) regime

    On Monday 26 June the Information about People with Significant Control (Amendment) Regulations 2017 (“Regulations”) came into force.  The Regulations modify and extend the existing national PSC register measures in order to complete the... Read more
  2. Recast European Insolvency Regulation (2015) comes into effect - 26 June 2017

    The recast European Insolvency Regulation (EIR) applies to all insolvencies commencing on or after 26 June 2017. It replaces the EC Regulation on Insolvency Proceedings (2000)(the “EC Regulation”), although the EC Regulation will still apply to... Read more
  3. Queen's Speech confirms UK will implement GDPR

    The Queen’s Speech yesterday shed further light on how the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be implemented in the UK.  The speech confirmed that the UK would implement the GDPR as well as the new European Directive on processing by... Read more
  4. New UK law to control generic drug prices - implications for pharma

    New UK regulation seeks to clarify and extend the Government’s powers to regulate the cost of medicines and medical supplies and to collect sales and pricing information from pharma. Charlotte Tillett, Partner and Head of Life Sciences and Astrid Arnold, Professional Support Lawyer outline the aims and implications of the new drug pricing legislation, the Health Service Medical Supplies (Costs) Act 2017 in an article in Pharmaphorum.


  5. European Commission publishes its final report on the e-commerce sector enquiry

    On 10 May 2017, the European Commission (the “Commission”) published its final report on the e-commerce sector inquiry. The report deals with factual findings and competition concerns in relation to consumer goods and separately digital content.... Read more
  6. The Impact of Brexit on UK IP Rights

    Although much uncertainty still remains, the process of shaping the post-Brexit IP landscape is under way. In this article, we explore some of the main issues and likely outcomes for EU right holders.


    Read more

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