Life Sciences Update - June 2018

Life Sciences Update - June 2018

Life Sciences Update - June 2018

Welcome to the monthly update from the Life Sciences team at S&B containing news about recent and topical developments.

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  1. UK implementation of the new Trade Secrets Directive

    The EU Trade Secrets Directive (2016/943) (the “Directive”), the implementation deadline for which is this month - June 2018, was drafted with the intention of harmonising the law governing trade secrets and providing a common standard of... Read more
  2. EU Commission pushes ahead with plan to limit SPC rights

    In a potential boost for the EU generics/biosimilars industry the EU Commission has adopted a proposal to introduce an ‘export manufacturing waiver’ into the EU Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs) regime.  The waiver would allow... Read more
  3. Medical devices - parallel importer free to add a small label without triggering obligation to notify

    The European Court of Justice (CJEU) has held that a parallel importer of wound dressings was free to add a small label to the outer packaging of the goods without infringing the brand-owner’s trade mark. It follows from this that the parallel trader... Read more
  4. Pharma patent injunctions - in search of a proportionate solution

    The general rule is that if patent infringement is found the patentee will be entitled to an injunction to prevent future infringement, and in the vast majority of cases this is what happens in practice.  The injunction is, however, a discretionary... Read more
  5. U.S. Spotlight: The emerging role of the ITC in pharmaceutical disputes

    Provided by Josh Pond & Matthew Meyer Kilpatrick Townsend Washington D.C. & Silicon Valley International Trade Commission The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) acts as an independent, quasi-judicial government agency with the power to... Read more

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