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As one of the leading UK national firms we have a dedicated Brexit Working Group to ensure that as we emerge from the current period of uncertainty we are in the best position possible to advise clients in the UK and overseas on the repercussions and the actions that need to be taken. 

UK businesses face a number of questions and potential issues from Brexit. Please see our Brexit Survival Guide for more information.


S&B's Brexit Summit - Emergent Themes

On Tuesday 22 January 2019 - some 66 days before Brexit - we hosted a Brexit Summit, which considered the process and some of the key legal issues affecting businesses on a no deal Brexit, with presentations covering Immigration; Commercial Trading Risk; International Arbitration; Intellectual Property; Competition; Regulatory; Employment and Data Privacy law.

The event was well attended by many of the firm’s key clients and contacts.  Delegates were from a variety of businesses, from global corporates to owner managed businesses, and across many of the UK’s key sectors, from financial services to FMCG. 

The following note sets out some of the key themes that emerged from the roundtable and Q&A sessions.  It is by no means comprehensive or scientific, but is intended to give a snapshot of issues raised by businesses at this current phase of withdrawal.

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