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Derivatives and Risk Management Products

We advise borrowers and lenders on their entry into derivatives and structured risk management products, whether as part of a wider finance transaction or in the course of their ongoing business.

Typically, these products will be exchange rate swaps, caps or collars but the team has also advised on a range of other products including forex swaps, repos and total return swaps.

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Transactions are usually documented under the ISDA Master Agreement and involve advice on and negotiation of the Schedule to the agreement and conclusion of a credit support annex. We also act on bespoke OTC derivatives contracts and repo agreements.

In addition, we advise borrowers and counterparties on the consequences of termination of such arrangements. See Banking & Finance Litigation for claims arising in connection with the selling of such products.



Our experience

  • Acting for a Chinese bank on the entry into ISDA agreements with numerous European counterparties;
  • Drafting ISDA agreements for a UK lender to be entered into with a number of UK corporates;
  • Advising UK banks on bespoke ISDA schedule terms for acquisition finance and refinancing transactions

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