Pricing Information on Debt Recovery Matters
  1. Pricing Information on Debt Recovery Matters


    We offer a debt recovery service at fixed rates for uncontested debts. The charges are fixed for each of the following stages:

    • Letter before action (no court proceedings);
    • Court proceedings issue;
    • Taking Judgment in default; and
    • Enforcement via Sheriff.

    These rates do not apply to disputed claims. We are of course happy to discuss whether or not a particular case is suitable for the debt recovery process.

    Letter before action

    For pre legal action we will send a letter before action to your debtor. We will advise you if any response is received from your debtor and will pass a copy of any letter to you. If appropriate we will agree a repayment schedule with your debtor:

    • If your debtor does not make any payment either to you or us after our letter is sent, there is nothing to pay. 
    • If however your debtor does make a payment to you or us we will in addition charge a commission of 10% of the amount recovered:
      • Subject to a maximum commission charge of £450 plus VAT; and
      • Subject to a minimum commission charge of £150 plus VAT.

    If, after sending your letter before action, the debt remains unpaid and undisputed and you wish to pursue payment through the courts, our charges for that are set out below.

    Court proceedings issued

    We charge a fixed fee for the issue of proceedings of £500 plus VAT.

    This charge covers the drafting and issue of proceedings; reporting to you; agreeing on instalment payments where appropriate prior to judgment; and reporting to you on the claim being disputed or there being no acknowledgment filed.

    In addition, we charge court fees. These are fixed and vary depending upon the amount of the debt. Details are at

    Court fees range from £35 for a debt of £300 up to £5000 for a debt of £100,000

    Taking judgment in default

    If no acknowledgment of service is filed, we will take judgment in default for you and report back to you. For that we charge £50 plus VAT.

    Enforcement via sheriff

    If enforcement is required via a sheriff, we will instruct a sheriff and for this charge £300 plus VAT. In addition there is fee of £66 to transfer the judgment. In addition, the sheriff will make a charge of £75 plus VAT in the event the enforcement is unsuccessful. If it is successful, the sheriff will recover fees from your debtor.

    All work is undertaken subject to our Terms of Business.

    Total cost

    • If the matter is resolved prior to the issue of proceedings: costs range from £180 to £540 including VAT (i.e. £150 + VAT to £450 + VAT)
    • If court proceedings are issued: costs range from £600 to £660 including VAT   (i.e. £500 + VAT to £550 + VAT) together with court fees ranging from £35 for a debt of £300 up to £5000 for a debt of £100,000.
    • If enforcement via the sheriff is required costs range from £426  (i.e.£300 plus VAT and £66) to £516   (i.e. £426  and  £75 plus VAT)


    The timescales vary from about 10 days for the letter before action process to about 3 months from start to finish if the matter proceeds to enforcement via the sheriff.

    Qualification and experience

    Our team has extensive experience in debt collection. The work will be carried out at an appropriate junior level member of the team, supervised appropriately. Please click the link to the right or below (on mobile) for details of the team member who may work on your matter.

    This page was last amended on 29 May 2020.

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