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Pensions Advice
  1. Pensions Advice

    Our pensions practice is a developing area of the firm with a highly experienced and technically able head of department.

    The practice covers the full range of pension advice in recognition of the differing needs of clients in an evolving area. 

    Typical pensions services include advising on:

    • Liability reduction in relation to defined benefit schemes
    • Automatic enrolment and compliance with the new employer duties
    • Scheme governance and investment duties in relation to defined benefit and defined contribution schemes
    • The day-to-day running of occupational defined benefit and defined contribution pension schemes and preparing related deeds
    • Pensions-related claims and disputes, including internal dispute resolution, pensions ombudsman claims and court proceedings
    • Scheme funding and the statutory funding regime
    • The Pension Protection Fund and contingent assets
    • The pensions elements in corporate transactions, including the Pensions Regulator’s anti-avoidance powers and statutory debts
    • Buy-out and winding-up of pension schemes
    • Errors in the drafting of pension scheme rules


  2. Pensions - Experience

    • Advising scheme trustees on the buy-in of scheme benefits with a leading insurer, together with legal and strategic considerations for the planned subsequent buy-out.
    • Advising a number of clients on their automatic enrolment duties, qualifying schemes and drafting of pensions clauses in employment contracts.
    • Advising trustees on the options for dealing with a mistake in the trust deed and rules, in particular where pensions legislation restricts the ability to use a retrospective deed of amendment to correct the mistake.
    • Advising on life assurance schemes and excepted group life policies, in particular drafting new scheme rules for an employer in relation to a life assurance scheme, and advising on trustee powers under the scheme.
    • Advising employers in multi-employer defined benefit schemes on the risk of triggering statutory exit debts on reorganisations.
    • Reviewing flexible apportionment arrangements and advising on The Pensions Regulator’s anti-avoidance powers.
    • Advising the trustees of a defined contribution scheme on the pension freedoms and flexibilities introduced under the Taxation of Pensions Act 2014, and drafting amendments to that scheme.
    • Advising a foreign parent company in the course of a transaction on the release of security granted by its UK subsidiary in favour of the subsidiary’s pension scheme.
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