Our multi-disciplinary REGULATORY team advises across a wide range of client sectors and practice areas

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In today’s increasingly regulated environment, awareness of regulatory obligations is essential to reduce exposure to risk and preserve commercial reputation as well as identifying where competitors, customers or suppliers may be non-compliant.  

Our cross-disciplinary team has extensive experience of advising clients on the full range of regulatory obligations, in a large variety of sectors.

We have extensive experience of dealing with as well as working for regulators, and have a dedicated regulatory investigations team that can support your business at a moment's notice. We can draw on broad experience and real expertise to advise on all aspects of this work, including:

  • Dawn raid investigations
  • Preparing defences
  • Compliance programmes
  • Internal enquiries and investigations
  • Responding to information requests
  • Making complaints to regulators
  • Third-party claims   
  • Managing the media


Our Experience

  • Advising on regulatory investigations by a range of public authorities including Competition, Consumer and Sector regulators, HM Revenue, HSE, The Information Commissioner’s Office, the Police and SOCA

  • Advising on regulatory obligations in the context of day to day activities, transactions and litigation.

  • Implementing appropriate compliance strategies.

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