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Legal Seminar

Legal Seminar

Translating science fiction into legal fact - What the digital revolution means now for lawyers and businesses

In an era of transformative change, there is an understandable tendency to continually scan the horizon for the next threat or opportunity. We are confronted on a daily basis by headlines predicting seismic change in the legal world caused by Blockchain, AI, Big Data and automated technologies.

This seminar intends to take stock of real world cases and regulations impacting businesses, now and in the near future, to give a practical update on risks and risk mitigation in the digital world.  We hope it will be useful going forward and we promise not to mention Skynet, Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics or distributed ledger technology (much).

Topics covered will include:

  • The new geoblocking regulations and digital single market initiatives - what are they and how will they impact your business?
  • IP and liability issues associated with automation and algorithms - who owns content created by AI systems; who is liable if an AI infringes IP; how can liability for defects be addressed?
  • Managing workers within the virtual workplace - with blurred lines between work/personal space/time we’ll look at issues such as maintaining confidentiality in the ‘latte’ workplace, 24/7 technology as a challenge to employee wellbeing and the trend towards using the ‘diversity and inclusion’ agenda/budget to win and retain employee talent.
  • Implementing Article 28 GDPR processor clauses - our practical experience of the issues that have arisen so far, including who is a processor, limiting liability and overseas transfers issues.

The event is aimed at lawyers and commercial people whose work touches on any of the areas we are covering.  For solicitors it will help with completing annual Competence Statements under the SRA regime, particularly in relation to the maintenance of legal knowledge and developing options, strategies and solutions.

This seminar is free to attend and includes refreshments. If you are interested in attending please email

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