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Webinar series: Junior Property Professionals

Webinar series: Junior Property Professionals

We hope you enjoyed our first two webinars and we look forward to welcoming you to the third in our webinar series, which takes place next Thursday 30 July at 9.30am, please use the link below to register.

If our webinar series aimed at junior property professionals would be of interest to any of your colleagues, please feel free to share this invitation with them.

    Part 3 - Making up for lost time: dealing with delays in construction

    Thursday 30 July 2020, 9.30am-10.15am

    In this webinar we will consider:

    • How time works in construction contracts
    • How to recover loss caused by delay
    • What issues have arisen as a result of the lockdown

    To book onto the webinar, please click on the button below or contact us on



    Previous webinars

    Part 1 - Recovering rent in the time of COVID-19

    Click here to view recording

    In this webinar we considered:

    • What can landlords do to recover unpaid rent?
    • What about guarantors?
    • What does COVID-19 mean for lease renewals and rent reviews

    Part 2 - Out of lockdown, but what changes are here to stay?

    Click here to view recording

    In this webinar we considered:

    • What drafting changes have we seen in agreements for sale and leases due to COVID-19?
    • Can tenants rely on force majeure in light of COVID-19 and will this change?
    • What practical difficulties has COVID-19 caused to completions and how have we resolved these?
    • What changes are temporary and what will be here to stay?

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