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Guildford Junior Professionals Networking Event

Guildford Junior Professionals Networking Event

Stevens & Bolton are proud sponsors of the next GJP event taking place on Thursday 11 April.

GJP was founded by Stevens & Bolton back in 2015 and is aimed at connecting junior professionals who work, live or have clients in Guildford and the surrounding area. Our events are kindly sponsored by different professional firms in the Guildford area, providing attendees the opportunity to network with their peers in a relaxed, informal environment.

How does it help junior professionals?

The events will provide various opportunities for junior professionals including:

  • to network independently (out of the shadow of more seasoned networkers);
  • to build up ties with local contacts from the grassroots; and
  • to test different networking techniques to help identify preferred networking styles.


How can I join the group or sponsor a future event?
For further details about GJP, inviting others to attend our events or sponsoring future events, please email

To receive updates about future events, please subscribe to our GJP email list using the button below.

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