BIS confirms date of October company law changes

The Government has confirmed that the next round of company law changes from the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 will be in force on 10 October 2015.  This means that: 

  • In relation to filings for directors, the day of the date of birth will be suppressed on the public register.  Although the full date of birth will still need to be provided to Companies House, in future the public register will just show the month and year of birth.  This is to reduce the risk of identity fraud.
  • It will take less time to strike off the register a company that is not carrying on any business or operation.  Currently, assuming no objection, the procedure to strike such a company off the register takes not less than three months from publication of notice in the Gazette.  This period will be reduced to not less than two months. 
  • When a director is appointed, he or she currently has to give their consent to act.  This is no longer required under the new law, and for newly appointed directors and secretaries Companies House will add a statement to the relevant appointment and incorporation forms (both paper and electronic).  Rather than the individual consenting to act, the company is required to confirm in the statement that the person in question has consented to act in that capacity. 

Link to the Government press release is here

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