Corporate governance: QCA publishes Remuneration Committee Guide

The Quoted Companies Alliance (QCA) is a not-for-profit organization which works to promote the interests of smaller quoted companies (those outside the FTSE 350). In September 2010, the QCA published the latest version of its Corporate Governance Guidelines for Smaller Quoted Companies, which are also relevant to AIM and PLUS-quoted companies.

The QCA has now also published a Remuneration Committee Guide which aims to provide practical guidance to smaller quoted companies on how to develop a bespoke, appropriate approach to remuneration. The guide covers the objectives of the remuneration committee, factors to consider in setting remuneration policy, communicating with shareholders, and remuneration committee membership, organisation and functions.

QCA members will receive a free copy of the guide. Non-members can purchase copies of this latest and other QCA guidance from the Can’s web site:

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