Cybersecurity: What all tech companies should know for 2016

Cybersecurity: What all tech companies should know for 2016

As tech businesses prepare for the year head, cybersecurity should be top of the management agenda item.

Barely a week passes without news stories of a significant cyber-attack and 2015 saw high profile data breaches of major global brands such as VTech, TalkTalk and Ashley Madison. It seems highly unlikely 2016 will be any different.

Malicious software can now be downloaded from the internet for free or a small fee by almost anyone and then used to launch an attack – these “commodity threats” probably represent the greatest cyber threat to UK tech businesses and are increasingly used by organised criminals as a relatively risk free method to steal information and to extort money. Disgruntled employees (or ex-employees) can steal important data and pass it to competitors, or leave a ‘back door’ open exposing the business to attack. Hacktivists have attacked businesses whose activities they disapproved of across a range of sectors including life sciences, financial services and the entertainment industry.

In this increasingly hostile environment, what do owners of tech companies need to be aware of?

Michael Frisby, litigation partner at Stevens & Bolton, looks at some of the issues in a recent article featured in Tech City News (

To read a copy of the article in full, please click here.


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