European consultation on driverless cars

European consultation on driverless cars

The European Commission has recently issued a public consultation to consider issues arising from the use of driverless cars.

This latest public consultation invites the general public and relevant industry stakeholders to comment on the main challenges linked to the deployment of connected and automated cars today.

The consultation investigates cybersecurity threats and trust issues, data governance aspects (including governance models and principles for car data sharing), privacy and data protection needs, as well as the different aspects of technology needs.  

The questions are divided into two parts.  The first set of questions is addressed to the public, whilst the second set of questions is addressed to specialised industry groups, such as car manufacturers, connectivity providers, service providers, telecoms providers, end users and public authorities.

Findings from the consultation should feed into a new policy recommendation expected by early 2019.

The consultation can be accessed here.

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