Government publishes Digital Charter

Government publishes Digital Charter

The Department for Media Culture and Sport has published the Digital Charter with the aim of ensuring the UK is both the safest place to be online and the best place to start and grow a digital business.

The Digital Charter sets out a rolling programme of work to agree norms and rules for the online world and put them into practice.

This may involve shifting expectations of behaviour, agreeing new standards and also updating laws and regulations.  The Digital Charter’s core purpose is to make the internet work for citizens, businesses and society as a whole.  It sets out the principles which will guide the government's work, for example, that the internet should be free but also that protections should be in place to keep people safe online.  Current priorities for the government are encouraging the digital economy, protecting people from online harm, examining online platforms’ liability for shared content, ensuring data and artificial intelligence are used ethically, ensuring digital markets are working well, limiting the spread of disinformation and helping organisations to improve cybersecurity. 

A copy of the Digital Charter can be found here: Read more

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