Information technology experts to speak at CLT conference

Information technology experts to speak at CLT conference

Stevens & Bolton LLP information technology experts, Michael Frisby and David Wilkinson have been invited to speak at the CLT 'IT Agreements Conference 2010' to be held on 20 September in London.

The conference focuses on a range of different IT agreements, examining important issues such as choosing the right contract structure and how to incorporate the business objectives into the agreement.

Michael Frisby's session, titled 'Early Considerations in Managing IT Disputes', will cover areas including:

  •     Using the contractual machinery during the project
  •     Can either party terminate the contract?
  •     What about remediable breaches and serving notices?
  •     Misrepresentation and negligent misstatement
  •     Protecting privilege in communications and in dealing with experts
  •     Procedural considerations

David Wilkinson's session will look at IP and Computer Software, and will include:

  •     Ownership of copyright in computer software
  •     Infringement of copyright Breach of confidence
  •     Software patents
  •     Interim injunction applications

Further details about this conference can be found on the CLT's website:

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