Recently, the rules regarding the recording of motoring offences on drivers' licences were changed. Since June 2015, endorsements and penalty points issued in England, Wales and Scotland are only recorded electronically. Paper driving licences may therefore no longer be an accurate record. Employers may therefore need to change their policies in relation to checking driving licences.

This change will impact employers who require their staff to have valid driving licences with no endorsements. Such employers will need to carry out new checks to verify information provided by the employee both at recruitment and during employment.

 The DVLA has outlined the new methods for checking the endorsements or points on an individual’s licence:

 1.         The individual can obtain a check code from the DVLA via, post or telephone. This code can then be passed on to the employer to enable them to view the individual’s information within the following 21 days; or

2.         The individual can call the DVLA and leave verbal permission for a nominated person or organisation to check their licence.

The DVLA has also issued a guide for individuals about how to share this information at

There has been much discussion in the media over the impact these changes are having on individuals trying to rent a car abroad, however employers should not overlook that their policies and procedures may also need to be amended.