Select committee report on robotics and AI

Select committee report on robotics and AI

The House of Commons’ Science and Technology Select Committee has published its latest report on the legal issues surrounding the use of robotics and other devices that incorporate artificial intelligence (AI). 

With the aim of ensuring that new technologies are at all times used ethically, the Committee has recommended that a new Council of Data Ethics is established.

The report raises issues of accountability and legal liability, such issues already being considered in the context of driverless cars and other automated technology where an individual is not in ‘control’ in the conventional sense.  The Committee has emphasised the need for suitable governance frameworks to regulate and standardise innovative robotic applications.  Such frameworks should not only benefit the technology industry but also help to build public trust in robotics and AI technologies. 

The use of robotics and AI raises various social, ethical and legal issues, and the report recommends that a Commission on Artificial Intelligence is established consisting of members drawn from experts in science, computer science, maths and engineering as well as law, social science and philosophy.  Members should include industry experts as well as non-government organisations and the general public.

A copy of the report can be found here:

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