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The S&B People Podcast - What employers need to know about the new Retained EU Law act

The S&B People Podcast - Menopause in the workplace

S&B’s People Podcast is a series of bite-sized podcasts aimed at busy HR professionals and employers.

Sarah Taylor, senior knowledge lawyer in our employment team joins Frances Rollin for this episode of the S&B People Podcast where we talk about the implications of the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Act 2023 on employment law in the UK. Although the controversial sunset provisions are no longer in play, there are still significant consequences for employers. We talk about the key aspects of the new act, the practical implications of these changes on employment law, the government consultations that recently closed on the Working Time Regulations, holiday pay and TUPE and, the possibility of chaos in the lower courts and tribunals from January 2024.

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