International Newsbrief Spring 2020

International Newsbrief Spring 2020

International Newsbrief Spring 2020

Welcome to our Spring 2020 edition of International Newsbrief, where we provide an update on legal developments in the UK that may be of interest to our international friends. As we are sadly facing uncertain and challenging times during this global coronavirus pandemic, we extend our best wishes to our international colleagues, and hope this collection of articles provide some light reading and a welcome distraction in the current climate. We also extend our best wishes for a speedy recovery to our own Prime Minister, who features in a cartoon drawn prior to his illness. 

In this issue, for those doing business in the UK or under English law contracts and documents, Beverley Whittaker and Michael Frisby explore the potential issues around longer-term supply contracts in light of the coronavirus situation; Jackie Penlington provides important tips for employers seeking to protect their European workforce during the Brexit implementation period; and Catherine Penny discusses the benefits of the Singapore Convention to international dispute resolution. 

Happy reading and, as ever, if you would like to discuss any of the issues raised in this issue then please do get in touch.     



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