The In-House Track - September 2017

The In-House Track - September 2017

Welcome to the second issue of The In-House Track.

This annual magazine has been written exclusively for GCs and their in-house teams, with the aim of providing strategic legal insight into the challenges, changes and opportunities facing the international business world.

In this, our second issue, we examine some of the critical legal challenges that global businesses face today. With Brexit rapidly approaching, we look at key issues businesses should now be actively addressing. We look at ways cyber-security can be managed as a fundamental part of the M&A process. With he ever shifting landscape of dispute resolution, we look at the factors to weigh up when choosing between litigation and arbitration in cross-border disputes. And with GDPR on the horizon, we look at the rules in practice and changes in approach to data management to ensure your business is ready for May 2018.

Beyond legal developments, we take a look at how to protect your company’s brand identity and reputation; the cultural changes brought about by today’s millennial lawyer and how to remain an agile business; and with ever evolving technologies, we examine the strategic impacts associated with “the fourth industrial revolution”….including Artificial Intelligence.

To read a copy of our second issue, please click on the link below:

  • The In-House Track - September 2017

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