LIDW 2023 - Decrypting crypto - reading the runes

LIDW 2023 - Decrypting crypto - reading the runes

London International Disputes Week: Force majeure, frustration and illegality - rescue remedies for a pandemic?

As part of London International Disputes Week (LIDW) 2023 we were delighted to partner with 3 Verulam Buildings Barristers to host a panel discussion on cryptocurrency, including predictions as to its nature, legal status and likely regulation in London and more widely around the world.

This session analyses the obstacles presented by digital assets and those who deal in them as well as the various strategies being implemented by legal and regulatory entities worldwide and the complexities involved in establishing a unified approach to safeguarding fraud victim's rights to enforce judgments and recover assets. 

This panel featured Sarah Murray, Saima Hanif KC (Barrister, 3 Verulam Buildings) and Nick Dunne (Partner, Walkers Global), Joanna Bogdanska (Partner, KW Kruk and Partners) and Joseph Rome (Associate, Sequor Law, US). 

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