Webinar: What's going on? Disputes in a post-Brexit, COVID world

Webinar: What's going on? Disputes in a post-Brexit, COVID world

How are the Courts approaching potential delay of proceedings amidst the coronavirus pandemic?

Stevens & Bolton and The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators South East Branch present a panel discussion looking at some important developments in the world of dispute resolution and considering their impact on handling disputes and the practice of ADR.

The panel explains and discusses recent developments on the following topics:

  • New court rules on trial witness statements are coming in on 6 April 2021. They are designed to ensure that witness statements contain only the evidence a witness can give so providing clarity on what they actually remember and what has been reconstructed from documents. There are sanctions for non-compliance. The ICC report on the accuracy of witness evidence highlighted the problem of malleable human memory and the challenges it presents to evidence in international arbitration.
  • New ways of dealing with technology disputes: The Society of Computers & Law adjudication scheme for technology disputes; and the Digital Dispute Resolution Rules for disputes arising out of novel technologies, particularly digital assets, smart contracts, blockchain and Fintech.
  • How are things looking for London as a dispute resolution centre? Do Brexit and the pandemic change things?



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