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Webinar: Putting diversity and inclusion back on the agenda

Webinar: Putting diversity and inclusion back on the agenda

Dealing with the fall-out of the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed a number of important issues down HR professionals’ “to do” lists, not least making progress on diversity and inclusion issues in the workplace. In addition, the pandemic has had a disproportionately negative effect on the working lives of women and those from minority backgrounds.

Taken together, these factors have stalled or even reversed progress on making our workplaces more inclusive and the momentum that was created by movements such as Black Lives Matter and #MeToo is in danger of being lost.

This webinar will set out some practical tips on what employers could and should be doing on diversity and inclusion issues now, looking at the importance of training, leadership and embedding a culture of inclusion at every level of the organisation. We will also discuss the recently published report by the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities, and the case of Taylor v Jaguar Land Rover which, as well as being a landmark case on transgender issues, provides a helpful reminder of how not to deal with diversity.

We hope that you can join us.

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