Are you doing your #duediligence?

Are you doing your #duediligence?

When acquiring a target company or business, the due diligence (“DD”) exercise is a core part of the acquisition process.  This gives the buyer the opportunity to delve into the business from a legal, financial and commercial perspective while providing insights into how the deal should be structured and priced.  The aim of DD is to really get to know the business, unearthing issues giving rise to potential liabilities or otherwise undermining the value of the target. 

Amongst all of the activity, the social media presence and activity of the target often fails to come under the same scrutiny and social media is still not included as a standard part of the DD process. 

Kate Schmit, Corporate Tax Partner at Stevens & Bolton LLP, and Corporate Associate Siobhán Langwade, look at why the target’s official social media accounts should perhaps be included in a tailored DD exercise, in an article featured today in Acquisition International.

To read a copy of the article in full, please click here.

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