Competition law issues - Truck manufacturers investigated

Competition law issues - Truck manufacturers investigated

It has been reported that the OFT has recently carried out dawn raids as part of an investigation into possible cartel activities involving truck manufacturers. The OFT has extensive powers of investigation and takes particular interest in cartel activity. This is the most high profile criminal investigation under the Enterprise Act since the trial of four British Airways executives collapsed.

Head of Competition at Stevens & Bolton LLP, Gustaf Duhs, a former OFT lawyer, commented: “This case is definitely one to watch. It will be interesting to see whether this investigation is based on whistle-blowing by one of the parties. The OFT will be hoping that it will have greater success in bringing criminal prosecutions than it did in relation to the recent passenger fuel surcharges case.”

The OFT appears to be taking concerted action in the automotive sector, with another investigation having commenced in February 2010.

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