Immigration alert - imposition of quarantine rules

Immigration alert - imposition of quarantine rules

Immigration alert - imposition of quarantine rules

The Government announcement on 10 May states that, as part of its strategy against COVID-19, quarantine rules will be imposed for most people arriving into the UK.  It’s not clear when this will come into force although the Government has said it aims to implement this as soon as possible.

It is understood that a 14-day quarantine period will be imposed for all those travelling into the UK, whether by air, ferry or train.  It appears that this will apply to virtually all travellers, including returning UK residents.  The quarantine will not apply however to those arriving from the Republic of Ireland and nor will it apply to those arriving from France due to reciprocal arrangements with France.

We understand that once these rules are in effect anyone travelling into the UK will need to provide a UK address where they are able to self-isolate.  If they are unable to demonstrate this on arrival they will be required to quarantine themselves in accommodation arranged by the Government.  This would initially affect non-visa nationals, such as Americans and most European nationals who are visiting the UK.

Further, once visa applications centre start to re-open overseas and it is possible for individuals to have their UK visa applications processed, they will need to factor in this quarantine period on their arrival in the UK and the impact this may have on when they are able to start work.  It will also be important to ensure that they can demonstrate a UK address where they can quarantine or they risk spending 14 days in Government-arranged accommodation. 

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