IT law predictions for 2016

IT law predictions for 2016

Beverley Flynn, Head of Data Protection gives her predictions in IT law for 2016

The legal buzz words for the year will still be ‘safe harbour’, data protection breach and the ‘new Data Protection Regulation’. However in the ‘real’ and ‘commercial’ world:

  • cyber risk insurance will become more prevalent and we will see it become more common to list it in commercial contracts and tenders as a requirement
  • pharmaceutical companies will see a rise in the use of big data and wearable technologies
  • health care providers could require us to show our fit band outputs when assessing our health needs
  • car insurers could use evidence from our electronic dashboards and data boxes on our vehicles to monitor use of our vehicles - in the name of reducing our premiums.

First published on SCL - The IT Law Community, December 2015

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