Round-up of Junior Property Professionals Seminar: Development in Focus

Round-up of Junior Property Professionals Seminar: Development in Focus

Junior Property Professionals Seminar: Development in Focus

Last Thursday marked the hosting of another successful Junior Property Professionals Seminar at Stevens & Bolton. These events are aimed at bringing together junior professionals based in Guildford and the surrounding area to discuss any number of topics relevant to the property industry. The goal being to share knowledge and experience while fostering opportunities to make connections at similar levels of career progression.

On this occasion the theme was 'property development'. We were thrilled by the turnout and the engagement by everyone who attended, both during the seminar and at the post-talk networking, all of which contributed to the friendly atmosphere we seek to encourage at these events. A special thank you goes to our guest speakers who kindly gave us the benefit of their view points and helped broaden the experience.  

As a recap for anyone who wanted to come but sadly couldn’t the speakers and topics touched upon were:

  • Planning - Chris White of WYG Group took us through the latest developments in planning, including changes to the CIL regime and s106 agreements, plus some musings on the possible future for the Guildford area.
  • Conditional Contracts – Katie Green and Kayleigh Stevenson of Stevens &Bolton discussed how to keep your options open (or how to secure them) when negotiating on a development.
  • Financing – Joanne Purnell and Ash Kaur of Stevens & Bolton discussed how lenders on development projects protect their interests and tips for keeping them onside.
  • Party Walls – Alex Windle-Hills of Tuffin Ferraby Taylor explained the workings of the Party Wall Act 1996 together with some recommended “do’s and don’ts”
  • Construction – Gwilym Evans of Stevens and Bolton discussed the importance of proper procurement of construction services and managing the interests of different parties on a project.
  • Mistake and Rectification – Naomi Campbell and Stephanie White concluded the evening by identifying, with reference to cases involving developments, the legal tools available where a clear contractual error has been made but one party seeks to capitalise off of it.  

If you think topics such as these would have been of interest to you and you would like to attend future seminars, subscribe here and tick the “Event and seminar invitations” box. 

Thank you again to everyone who attended and kept listening during the impromptu fireworks display that occurred part way through. This was of course in celebration of the local Christmas lights being switched on and not an attempt to glamorise the topic of collateral warranties.

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