Life Sciences A to Z: Z is for Zzz...

Life Sciences A to Z: Z is for Zzz...

If you are still with us – thank you for making it this far!

Our life sciences A to Z covers over 40 different legal topics relevant to the sector.

If you have a question on any of the areas we have covered throughout the A to Z, please do get in contact – our multidisciplinary life sciences team would be delighted to assist you.

Many articles in the series relate to areas that have become hot legal topics for the life sciences industry. The landmark High Court decision in Cardiorentis AG v IQVIA on the conduct of clinical trials by a contract research organisation reminds us of the importance of effectively negotiating a clinical trial agreement at the outset of a project.

Another key area for life sciences businesses to prioritise now is transparency, particularly given the increased industry and public demand for clearer and more objective reporting on the R&D, distribution and advertising practices involved in bringing pharmaceutical products to the market.

We have also seen a significant increase in the accessibility and uptake of telemedicine services, which are continuing to grow following the pandemic.

Looking ahead, rapid developments in the fields of medical cannabis, digital health and gene editing will inevitably keep these areas at the top of legal and regulatory agendas for some time.

More broadly, as we had seen throughout the pandemic, collaboration between parties is often the key to finding solutions to complex problems. Our articles on joint ventures and licensing provide a useful starting point when considering what the written agreements underpinning these collaborations should include.

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