The end of the blame game: date confirmed

The end of the blame game: date confirmed

No fault divorce - the end of the blame game

After months of speculation, in response to a parliamentary question yesterday, the government has finally confirmed the commencement date for "no fault" divorce.  

With many couples waiting for this option to become available to them, it is disappointing that the commencement date has been delayed until 6 April 2022 even though the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 was given Royal Assent as long ago as 25 June last year.

The Ministry of Justice’s progress with the necessary amendments to the existing court forms, procedural rules as well as the court computer systems are taking longer than hoped. The government has said that it is working towards a smooth transition to the new no fault regime. As most divorces in England and Wales are dealt with via the courts’ online digital service, the work on the computer systems is key and it is to be hoped that the transition does happen smoothly next year, after suffering this additional delay.

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