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Construction Law "Back to Basics" - What do you need to think about at procurement? How to get your project off the ground?

Construction Law: "Back to Basics" - What happens when disputes arise...

Welcome to the Construction Law "Back to Basics" podcast – a series of podcasts by Stevens & Bolton’s construction and engineering team designed to provide listeners with an overview of the core construction law principles you need to be aware of throughout the key stages of a construction project.

Whether you are procuring a professional team or looking to pursue a claim, our series of podcasts hopes to provide you with a succinct summary of the practical points that need to be at the forefront of your mind as a project moves from conception to completion.

In this first episode, Claire Perry and Samuel Burnage focus on procurement with a look at procurement options, the different procurement routes commonly used in the UK and the reasons why different procurement routes might be suitable for different projects and/or clients.

Listen to all available episodes in the series here.
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Listen to all available episodes here

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