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The S&B People Podcast - Two minds don't think alike - Maximising the potential of your neurodiverse workforce

The S&B People Podcast - Menopause in the workplace

S&B’s People Podcast is a series of bite-sized podcasts aimed at busy HR professionals and employers.

Rebecca Berry, a Senior Associate in our employment team, joins our host Frances Rollin for this episode of the S&B People Podcast where we talk about neurodiversity in the workplace. We discuss the benefits of neurodiversity at work, how employment law impacts employers and neurodivergent employees, a recent case on reasonable adjustments for neurodiverse job applicants and some practical ideas on making recruitment processes and working environment more neurodivergent-friendly. Embracing neurodiversity is an aspect of the employment relationship where employers might want to consider going further than the law requires - the benefits of taking a more imaginative, proactive approach to embracing and nurturing neurodiversity in the workforce are not to be underestimated.

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