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Meeting Room 7 - The patent licensing podcast - Should I be worried about...?

 Meeting Room 7 - The patent licensing podcast - Should I be worried about...?

Episode 8 of our patent licensing podcast from Meeting Room 7, the final episode in this series, answers the question “Should I be worried about…?” in relation to some of the key issues that underpin important licensing provisions.

Charlotte Tillett, head of Stevens & Bolton’s life sciences group, is joined by Professional Support Lawyer Astrid Arnold and Associate Melissa Turner to discuss some thorny issues and their implications on patent and knowhow licensing agreements. The episode includes:

  • The Unified Patent Court – a brief update on the status of the UPC, why it is still relevant to the UK, and issues to be considered for the terms of a patent licence agreement
  • An exclusive licensee’s standing to sue under an agreement - how an exclusive licensee can protect its position particularly in light of the recent Neurim case
  • Brexit – key provisions to cover in an agreement and important points on enforcement mechanisms post-Brexit
  • The Technology Transfer Block Exemption Regulation – its status in the UK, and the points you need to know on improvements and no challenge provisions

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