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UK GDPR: Employment and immigration - where are we now?

UK GDPR - Where are we now

Welcome to the fifth episode of our podcast series, "UK GDPR – where are we now?" where we take a deep dive into the ever-evolving landscape of GDPR and its impact on data protection practices.

In this episode, our host, Beverley Flynn, Head of Data Protection and Cyber Security, is joined by Frances Rollin, Senior Knowledge Lawyer in the employment, pensions and immigration team. Together, they consider some recent developments in the UK GDPR from an employment and immigration perspective. In particular, they discuss:

  • The effect of Brexit on employment related GDPR documents
  • The importance of updating such documents in the light of other internal changes
  • Intragroup transfers of personal data
  • Appropriate policy documents
  • Data subject rights
  • Vicarious liability – employers being liable for data breaches by employees
  • Data breaches

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