International Newsbrief - Winter 2020

International Newsbrief - Winter 2020

Welcome to our Winter 2020 edition of International Newsbrief, where we provide an update on legal developments in the UK.

In these most challenging of times, we extend our very best wishes to all of our international colleagues and clients. We hope this issue will provide a useful update on how the UK legal system is adapting to the “new normal” and, more importantly, some light relief in an otherwise gloomy period.

In this issue, we begin proceedings with a general update on recent developments in the UK, before examining the London Court of International Arbitration’s attempt to embrace modern technology with its updated rules. We also consider the legal innovations prompted by COVID-19 restrictions – namely the timely increase in recognition of electronic signatures and the new escape route introduced by HMRC for those who may otherwise be unintentionally caught by UK tax residency rules.

Taking a break from all things COVID, we review the High Court’s helpful recent guidance on legal privilege for overseas lawyers; welcome Sarah Murray into the Talking Heads hot seat to discuss her recent appointment to the Law Society’s International Committee; and hear from our Brexit expert Gustaf Duhs on what he thinks the next couple of months may hold for the UK as the implementation period draws to a close.        

We hope you enjoy this edition and, as always, please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss any issues raised in this edition.     

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