Keeping your Land Registry address up to date

Keeping your Land Registry address up to date

When must you provide an address for service to the Land Registry?

The most common situation when you have to provide an address for service to the Land Registry is when you are being registered at the Land Registry as owner of a freehold, a lease or a registered charge.

What types of address can you provide?

You must provide at least one postal address (including the post code). This can be an address inside or outside the UK. If you want to, you can also supply:

  • an email address (in the format; and/or
  • a UK DX address (although the Land Registry will only add that to your ownership register if it has an arrangement with that DX service provider);

How many addresses can you provide?

You can provide the Land Registry with up to three addresses for service.

Are these addresses publicly available?

Yes, anyone who applies to the Land Registry for ownership details for your property will see this information.

What are these addresses used for? 

If the Land Registry needs to contact you or send you a formal notice, it will write to you at your address(es) shown in the register.

Why is it so important to keep these addresses up to date?

The Land Registry will write to you at this address / these addresses in connection with third party applications that could affect your legal rights. Examples include applications:

  • to register an adverse notice against your property title;
  • claiming ownership of your land by adverse possession;
  • the Land Registry is concerned may be fraudulent.

If the Land Registry does not have your current address, you may not receive important Land Registry correspondence and you could suffer loss as a result.

In addition, some other organisations (such as a local planning authority) might use your Land Registry address(es) for service to send you important letters. Again, you may incur financial loss or other adverse consequences if you do not receive such correspondence.

How can we help you?

We can check your address(es) for service registered at the Land Registry and apply on your behalf to update them if necessary. If you would like our help, please get in touch with your usual Stevens & Bolton Real Estate contact.

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