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Disciplinaries and grievances - top tips and tricky issues

Disciplinaries and grievances - top tips and tricky issues

This interactive webinar will be useful for experienced HR professionals and employers who deal with disciplinary and grievance issues on a regular basis. During the webinar we will consider the trickier aspects of dealing with disciplinary and grievance processes and provide helpful hints and tips for navigating these issues. We will look at common themes arising in disciplinary and grievances processes such as:

  • Employee requests to record meetings and dealing with covert recordings
  • Requests to be accompanied
  • Investigations and suspension
  • Approach to appeals

We will also look at a number of thorny issues including:

  • Dealing with overlapping disciplinaries and grievances
  • Allegations of a sensitive nature including allegations of sexual harassment, bullying and harassment
  • Balancing confidentiality concerns against the need to investigate
  • Data protection concerns
  • Sickness and other absences during the process
  • Sub-conscious bias
  • Ensuring employee mental well-being during the process

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