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Webinar: Effectively managing mental health issues in the workplace

Webinar: Effectively managing mental health issues in the workplace

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development recently reported that the number of workers taking sick leave in the UK has hit a 10-year high, with stress being reported as the main cause of short and long-term absences.

Employers are doing more than ever to support the mental health of their staff but, despite this, workers are continuing to report an increasing number of mental health issues. This begs the question, what can (and should) employers do to effectively manage mental health issues in the workplace?

In this interactive webinar we will consider:

  • The rise of mental health issues and burnout in the workplace
  • The legal duties employers owe to staff suffering with mental health issues, including the relevance of the duty to make reasonable adjustments and health & safety considerations
  • How to effectively manage sickness absence related to mental health issues, including when to involve occupational health/other healthcare professionals
  • How to navigate the tricky issues which can arise including managing employees returning to work too soon, performance concerns and the interaction of sick leave with holiday entitlement
  • When absences are not sustainable, how to manage and reduce the risks of dismissing an employee for ill health, including the relevance of permanent health insurance when considering dismissal
  • What employers can do to reduce and prevent mental health issues arising in the first place

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