Corporate Borrowers: PLC checklist for negotiating a debenture

Important changes to the People with Significant Control (PSC) regime

Head of Banking and Finance, Jonathan Porteous, and Senior Associate, Matthew Padian, have prepared a checklist for leading legal publisher, Practical Law, covering the key points for corporate borrowers to consider when granting security over assets pursuant to a debenture.

Practical Law provides legal know-how for business lawyers, and a copy of this checklist can be downloaded by clicking here.

This checklist complements the checklist we prepared for Practical Law covering key points for corporate borrowers to think about when reviewing and negotiating loan facility agreements. This checklist can be downloaded by clicking here.

Both checklists provide a useful overview of things for a corporate borrower to take into account when borrowing secured debt. For syndicated loan transactions documented using the Loan Market Association’s template loan documentation, corporate borrowers should also bear in mind the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) Borrower’s Guide to the LMA’s Investment Grade Agreements, an updated version of which was published in May this year and is available to be downloaded by ACT members on the ACT website.

For further information, please contact Jonathan Porteous, Head of Banking and Finance, on / +44 (0)1483 401233 or Matthew Padian on / +44 (0)1483 734278.

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