Your commercial property needs

Your commercial property needs

As your requirements to occupy property evolve in a post-Covid world, we can help you navigate the challenges and opportunities for your business.

 Challenges and opportunitiesIssuesHow we can help
Hybrid workingReconfigured premises may be necessary to cater for new working practices, or for sharing office space.
  • Consent to alter
  • Change use
  • Sharing occupation
  • Serviced office agreements

Advice on what third party consents are needed to ensure that change can be implemented quickly.

Guidance on the legal and practical issues arising from sharing occupation or when entering into serviced office agreements.

Need for flexibilityThe ability to remain agile will remain key for successful business operations.
  • Lease renewals and LTA 1954
  • Break options 
  • Early lease surrenders 
  •  Assignments
Understanding of property requirements and helping to assess options for taking on new space, or renewing leases on terms to suit future needs.
Offloading unwanted space quickly and with certainty.
Ongoing lease liabilitiesLiability for rents, repairs and other lease obligations exist during the life of a lease and may continue after it ends.
  •  Rent, insurance and service charges arrears
  • Repairs and dilapidations
  • Guarantees and former tenant liability

Advice on potential liability under the lease and how best to minimise any claims, or, if possible, to extinguish them entirely.

Consider any ongoing liabilities which may still exist under previous leases or guarantees.
New regulations and legislationLaws that impact the property world continue to evolve at pace.
  • Covid-related legislation
  • Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES)
  • ESG considerations

Keep track of the changes which could affect premises use, needs and liabilities.

Advice on obligations and giving clear options for making decisions with confidence.
Other areas for disputeAll manner of property disputes can arise, whether under the lease, any subleases, or in relation to the use of the property.
  • Enforcing lease covenants
  • Rights and restrictions (e.g. rights of way, access and restrictive covenants)
  • Noise and nuisance
  • Forfeiture
Help identify potential issues and opportunities through early involvement. 
Work together to manage and resolve property disputes as they arise, freeing up time to focus on the business.


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