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Commercial Contracts Podcast - Confidentiality provisions and trade secrets

Commercial Contracts 22 podcast - GDPR

Welcome to Commercial Contracts 22, a podcast from the commercial and technology team at Stevens & Bolton.

In this series we will be providing practical tips on how to update and improve your standard terms and conditions, master services agreements, outsourcing arrangements and contractual terms. We will be talking with specialists from various areas across the firm gaining insight on how new developments in the law may impact on your terms and conditions.

In episode three Beverley Flynn, head of Stevens & Bolton’s commercial and technology team is joined by our head of IP, Tom Lingard to discuss confidentiality provisions in standard terms and conditions. This episode includes:

  • Drafting confidentiality clauses and agreements that work
  • The risks of relying on NDAs and the interaction of confidentiality, restrictive covenants and other protective clauses
  • Practical steps for protecting trade secrets

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