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Setting Up Business in the UK - The regulatory environment in the UK

Setting Up Business in the UK - Incorporation of a newco

Welcome to our podcast series, where we speak with various experts about how to set up business in the UK, looking at all aspects of the process, including registration requirements, assembling a team, meeting tax obligations and protecting your IP. 

Each of our interviewees has a wealth of experience in assisting businesses on entering the UK market and all are ideally placed to discuss what makes the UK economy unique and how businesses can best capitalise on the opportunities available. 

In our fourth episode, our host Sarah Taylor, is joined by Gustaf Duhs, head of our competition and regulatory practice. He shares his knowledge and experience of the regulatory environment in the UK, highlighting what a business new to the market should expect. They also discuss the impact of Brexit and what’s on the horizon for businesses in the UK.

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For more information, please download this guide which features a helpful checklist and contains a concise overview of the essential things to consider when setting up business in the UK.

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